Studio policies


Magic Fingers Music LLC and Accordion Online Academy are committed to creating a positive learning and teaching environment for its students and staff. For this reason, it is important that all students and parents understand and abide by the studio policies as outlined below.

Magic Fingers Music & Accordion Online Academy accept music students of all ages and abilities based on availability year-round. New students may register online at or

Invoices and Payments

Lesson payments are due by the 28th of each month prior to lessons being given. For example, September lesson payments are due by Aug 28th; October lesson payments are due September 28th, etc. The number of lessons billed is based solely on the number of lessons for your given day in the next month. (e.g., if your lesson day is Monday and there are four Mondays in a month, you will be billed for four lessons; if there are five Mondays in the month, you will be billed for five).  Invoice will be emailed automatically to you between 20th and 23rd every month. If you want to make a payment later than 28th of each month, please pick your date and inform us about it by email at

Magic Fingers Music accepts payments via PayPal (preferred). You can use your Credit Card and pay via PayPal without having a PayPal Account. The link will be sent in your Invoice. 


We are so proud to say that our lessons cancellation rate is only 2% a month. 

Consistency and commitment are the keys to developing and mastering any pursuit, including music. Therefore, students are encouraged to attend every lesson in order to advance their skills. If You or your student must miss a lesson, we ask you to cancel the lesson online by logging in to your Parent/Student's portal account  minimum of 24 hours in advance of the lesson day and time that will be missed. The lessons credit will be automatically issued. You can use your Lessons credit to reschedule your lesson for the same week, if there is available time (It will be shown at your calendar when you login into your account). We do not issue refunds for missed lessons and missed lessons are not made up.

New students pay a $25 registration fee. Families registering more than one child at the same time pay a maximum registration fee of $45. Registration is always on-going.

Magic Fingers Music & Accordion Online Academy accept payments via PayPal (preferred).

Piano Club Students only

It is very important for every students to attend to all group piano lessons (Piano clubs), if possible. We are not able to provide make-up lessons individually for the students from Piano Club. We reserve the right to revoke your application any time during the school year, if your child refuse to follow our Piano club procedures, or refuse to attend Piano Club for no reason. 

The blocks are as follows: Sept 1 – Jan 31 (Fall/Winter) and Feb 1 – June 30 (Winter/Spring).  There are no credits for lessons missed if a substitute has been provided. Should your teacher be absent for more than two weeks, you will be notified by phone call or e-mail. Students will not be charged for studio holidays or teacher absences if we are unable to provide a substitute. 

Magic Fingers Music will not provide music lessons on the following holidays:

Labor Day


Winter Break

Memorial Day

July 4th

Magic Fingers Music follows the public school open/close schedule. If you have questions regarding lesson cancellations due to inclement weather, please check the home page  or call the (844)998-2777